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"I really enjoyed visiting this site. I was expecting more traditional poetry so I was a bit surprised but after reading several of Julius's poems I found the writing to be very good. Great subject matter!."..........Christina                                                   

Beautiful poetry and very inspiring....Courtney

I'm so very glad I stumbled across Julius Babarinsa's (a.k.a. JuliusThePoet) website. His intelligence and creativity bleed through each line of his work. The website is easy to navigate and I especially enjoyed the soft songs that accompany each poem. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this poet, as I assume we will be hearing his name much more in the future. God bless & thank you for the wonderful work!

- Chris [New Jersey] 

Hi Julius, I enjoyed my visit your poetry webpage. Your poetry page was well laid out - With easy to follow links and poetry. All a joy reading! You have quite a talent for writing, with flare and passion - Each poem read was a well structured verse! Keep up the good work - A pleasure reading. You are very welcome to post and share your poetry on our friendly forum - Sharing poetry and friendly critique. I look forward to reading more of your poetry. Keep that pen flowing .Thank you. The Creative Pen.

I appreciate the positive messages and uplifting meanings behind the wonderful poetry found on this website. It truly is poetry that explores the inner workings of the soul and the world as it appears around us. Words filled with hope, kindness, and happiness are bathed in an uplifting current that carry you to a better place, while making you think about our role and existence. Words to share, and to live by! ………Layla Lair






All my poems deal with a branch of Philosophy called Metaphysics. Metaphysics is the study of Ontology, Epistemology and Comology. In simplistic terms - metaphysics look into the nature of Human existence on this Earth and our relationship to the Universe.


"All the poems in your Poetry E-Book are heart moving and they cut across all human endeavors. There is no doubt that your book will be very useful to me and my family. Once more, many thanks for the Poetry E-Book"...........AO

"Dear Heart, you are ahead of your time. Flow on, much love" .....MZ

"Your poems are inspirational. Please keep sharing your wonderful words with us" ...........NJS

"I really like your work. Your words touch the souls of humans and that is not a simple thing to do. So, please keep up the good work" .........MSK

"Juliusthepoet, I think your poetry is not just impressive, but very illuminating. I love philosophy very much, and a philosophical style of poetry like yours doubles my joy" .........MSR

" Your poetry is so true, so natural and so deep. I read your works with great pleasure" ...........ATH

"I like reading interesting things. Your poems have that degree of informational knowledge. Keep up the good works"........MC

"I really like his poems......Thanks Julius for writing such wonderful poems".........AC

"Juliusthepoet, you are talented. I will visit again soon and will check out more of your poems. Great job......Paula

"This guy can write a poem about everything! A poet through and through! I love his site. It is easy to navigate and very professional. He is so generous in sharing all his literary genius. Three cheers for his poem entitled 'Oh! My Mama, Happy Mother's Day! I love my Mama so much as well. Juliusthepoet, keep it up! You definitely know your place in the world!.....May

"I have read several of your many poems and have been blown away. I have bookmarked your site and will visit often. I wish you a grand journey through this life. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Thanks and be well" .......E.V

"Julius, you have a unique writing style....thought provoking as well. You also have an excellent talent as a poet. Julius, we poets have divine inspirations that can truly assist others. Please keep up the geat poetry alive"......L.P.

"I like your poems. You are really prolific and thoughtful".....Monique

"A well groomed site with deep and inspirational poetry. Lovely, lovely place to visit"..........Eleftheria

"Very inspirational site, I loved it. Very organized and easy to navigate. I will bookmark this site and send to all I know. Thanks!".........Deborah

"Hi Julius! This site just made me smile!! Good job sharing your poems - for everyone to read...really creative and fun. You are quite prolific. Keep writing and sharing!"........Laura

"Hi Julius I have read a few of your poems and I have to say that I have really enjoyed them. They certainly are poems that you can use. You certainly have a talent and I have enjoyed my visit here and I will return to read more. Take care."..........Elsie

"Your poetry site is outstanding, the design is professional and of high quality - complimenting the contents. Loading was quick and navigation easy. I have visited before and will return often".........A.J.

"It was while on a path of peace to seek the deepest clarity possible that i was guided by spirit to the magickal chalice of the self that is your dwelling place in cyberspace. Thank you for allowing people to embrace your many gifts for by doing so you enrich and inspire. I celebrate your song of life and respect who you are and what you do. Know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed and that you have much to be proud of. Your pages are engaging as you are a unique and authentic person of character and spirit. I wish you a path of purpose where all your dreams come true." ...........Micheal Teal  [the ancient one] 

"You have a wonderful site. I've read some of your poems, and they are fantastic. You are extremely talented. I look forward to reading more of your poetry. Take care and keep up the great work"  ..........Joy [

"A perfect pros with strong theme and matching diction of reality of life. A great piece of work. It is also a meaningful poetry site with contemporary thoughts with perfect themes of real world that most of us have never seen." ............Swarnapali

"Interesting and fascinating Site with lots of philosophical and metaphysics poetry. The poems are excellent and worth reading, I especially liked the poem "Life and Death". The Site is easy to navigate and downloading of links is very fast. Good work. Bookmarked for further reading." ........... Mukesh.

"Love your site. You break down the meaning of humans and the universe connection very well.
Wonderful poems that can be used everyday! Keep up the good work. Your site is colorful and it worked great. Keep writing, best wishes to you."......Mashell


"This site was certainly inspiring to me and the poetry was heartfelt. The site was user friendly and uploaded quickly. I will visit it often, especially when I need to grasp a deeper feeling of life".........Carol









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"Juliusthepoet opens the door to the esoteric house of Metaphysics; all you need to do is download his Free Poetry E-Book and discover a new life" ......SK

"This poetry is some of the best works of art I have seen nowadays".......AB

"Juliusthepoet, you are talanted, and your work reflects it".......JP

"Your works of art reflect you have the power of the pen. Continue the good job" .....OS

"You have a passion for poetry. One can tell from your writings. You are an artist at work. Please keep up the good work" .....HHD

"Your poems are the best cure for my soul. Thank you".......SM

"Julius, this is a wonderful time to be alive. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us............LEC

"It has been enjoyable reading your wonderful words of wisdom. I will visit your site again.".....Janet

"Hello Julius, I really enjoyed reading this piece on HOPE.Thank you for sharing your hopeful thoughts!! Peace Always".........Poet Muse

"Hi, I enjoyed my visit to your poetry page. Wonderful work here! Your poetry - well laid out and very well metered. I loved the web page design - keep up the wonderful work. It is a pleasure reading."......Steve

"A really nice site, easy to navigate, well written and presented with some wonderful words.".......Roger

"It has been a pleasure reading your knowledgeable works. I will check back soon."..Author3578

"Great site. Loved the drop down menu for poetry topics. Just Imagine was very touching. You can tell the amount of time that has been put into this site. Great job.".....Susan

"Yes inspirational - thanks! A site wth good content and an interetsing read. I will be back for another look. Good luck!." ...........Andrew

"Really cool site, beautiful poems, easily navigated, love the graphics and colours. It's a great site - good luck!." ........Debbie

"Very interesting landing page.....The graphics are unique and eye catching. I like the presentation of the categories as well. Your poetry page is interesting in its presentation....very unusual. I enjoyed my visit to your site. Best wishes"........Mary