For those who are passionate about poetry and metaphysical study, offers a resource of quality and inspirational poems. The author, Julius Babarinsa, writes poetry which explores man's greater role in the universe as well as on Earth. The philosophical poetry is both thought provoking and motivational. Visitors are provided access to the author's full catalog of poems and are encouraged to offer feedback by signing the web site's guest book. also sells an excellent CD entitled Life on Earth. On this amazing compact disc, Babarinsa provides metaphysical commentary covering various topics of interest. The disc contains over 50 tracks and is available for only $17.95. It is an excellent value both for those who are new to the study of metaphysics as well as those who are well acquainted with the subject. Babarinsa's commentary offers amazing insight and information on this complex field of study. Speaking in an engaging and helpful manner, he explains his views on a wide range of cosmological, ontological, and epistemological subjects.

I frequently visit I find the poetry to be both inspiring and reaffirming of my metaphysical beliefs. I'm not the only one who shares this view. Julius' poems have been read over 40,000 times. Simply put, he is one of the most creative metaphysical poets writing on the internet today. His work is engrossing. I can often spend hours browsing through the site's pages. I always learn something new and fascinating with each visit. If you're searching for a deeper meaning of life or simply want to explore new ideas about man's place in the world, then I highly recommend you visit

ALEXPOST – 22 January 2011




In this day and age of high-stakes, high
speed, high stress living, sometimes it takes the work, effort, and presence of
others to remind us to slow down and pay attention. It’s not uncommon to get
working on some project or other and look up to realize that hours and hours
have passed since we last stood up, looked around, laughed, or interacted with
others. Julius Babarinsa and his wonderful website,, offers
solace and refuge from the nonstop “go, go, go,” with one of mankind’s oldest
art forms – poetry.


By freely sharing his beautiful and
thought-provoking poetry online for all to access, Julius releases into the
world a force for reflection, awareness, and change. Julius jumps into his art
from a place of metaphysical philosophy; as such, his work digs deeply into the
meat of human existence, why we are here, and what we are capable of. The
result of this sort of thought is not without benefit. Anyone reading and
really reflecting on this poetry will find themselves taking real steps closer
to understanding their place in the universe, and examining their relationships
with those around them. The poetry is a catalyst for freeing the latent capabilities
and very nature that has been with you all along.


This, more than any other reason, is likely
why Babarinsa refers to his work as “Applied Poetry,” or, “poetry you can use.”
Truly, offers a window not only into the mind of the author,
but into our own existence. Embraced, it will help you to improve
relationships, cope with personal crises, and keep perspective regarding what
is and what is not important in your life. This perspective alone is something
many search for over many years, and are willing to pay exorbitant amounts to


What makes Julius and his site so
astounding is that he send his poetry forth into the world for the good of the
many, with no expectation or request for personal gain. As a metaphysical
thinker, He knows that his gifts will return to him in their own way, and that
the end result may be nothing like what he’d anticipated. Surely, he benefits
from this generosity, but he couldn’t possibly benefit more than the lost and
the tired among his readership, coming to for solace, for
rest, and for inspiration – these qualities, the site offers in spades, and it
would be difficult to recommend a site of this type more highly or completely.
Commit just a few minutes every day to reading Julius’ poems, and you may be
surprised how much his work impacts your daily life decisions.


MEATBEAGLE - March 2011





I love this poet Julius Babarinsa and the way he described things with his poetry. You can find his poems in the website Most of his poems are about humans and the way they live.  Unlike classical poetry which was written in a often sophisticated way yet sometimes ambiguous and hard to comprehend, the poems in this website are written in a simple fashion that is easy to understand but still contain beauty and romance among its words. Julius described human life from a metaphysical point of view in most of his poems. One of my favorites was the one titled “Just Imagine a New Society”, a simple yet meaningful poem about an ideal living. Julius’ poems inspired me a lot and offered me a new way of viewing things inside this life.  Shortly, this site is a must-visit for everyone, not limited to only poem lovers.


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  I visited out of curiosity and was really enthralled by what I found in there. There are lots of interesting poems inside and reading them unveiled something new inside my mind. As soon as I entered the side, my attention was quickly drawn into a list of some of Julius Babarinsa’s best poems in the “Poetry” link. I like his poetry, especially the one entitled “If You Could Turn Back the Clock”. The poems described about our life and facts that revolved around it. From his poems I learned a lot on how to live our life right. There I also learned a bit about metaphysics, which is quite interesting. In conclusion, this site is great and I hope more poems will be added soon. I’ll end this with an unique way Julius often uses to end his poems: “All needed to be told is said, please eat right, be happy, and enjoy your life!”




Looking for inspiring poems to read or give to someone? I recommend visiting the site There you won’t find ordinary poetry, but you’ll run across “poems you can use” to inspire yourself and others. Inside you could check out about Julius Babarinsa the poet or you could just directly read the poems. The site itself is easy to navigate so you won’t have much trouble accessing the poems or anything else there. I haven’t read all his poems there myself, but I’ve checked out some of them and they were interesting. From the poems I’ve read, I thought that Julius wrote poems viewing life from a philosophical side of it. The poems are easy to understand and reading them was fun sometimes for me. Try to check it out yourself and enrich your mind through reading Julius Babarinsa’s poems.



I just can’t get enough of these poems at, I feel addicted to them. Now a days I spend most of my time on this site reading these wonderful poems all day and all night long. And no matter how much I try, I just can’t close it, it’s so compelling. Everyone must give it a try at least.


Julius the Poet; Poetry Collection


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