Everybody will like to be called a rich person

To be rich is to be labeled successful and prosperous

Many will call you affluent, high-class and wealthy


Nobody will like to be known as a poor creature

To be a poor creature is to be wretched and deprived

Many will tag you as underprivileged and a destitute

The poor are also labeled impoverished and lower-class


We all know that we live in a world of contrast

While some are born rich, many are born poor

Many princes and princesses are born into opulence

While the off-spring of refugees are born into poverty

Everybody knows that human fingers are not equal


The question here is – can the rich become poor?

On the other side of the coin – can the poor become rich?

There have been instances when the rich later become poor

The rich can become poor through massive gambling

The rich can become poor through ill-advised investments

The rich can become poor through reckless spending


Conversely, we have witnessed some poor becoming rich

The poor can become rich by winning the lottery

The poor can become rich through inheritance

The poor can become rich through savings and investments

The poor can become rich through marriage


Many ask – do the zodiac signs determine our fortune on earth?

The answer is negative as there are rich and poor in all signs

Others ask – does our place of birth determine our fortune?

Since we humans can migrate to other countries

There are no definite answers to linking our birth-place

to whether we are rich or poor on this earth


All said and done, we humans possess enough intelligence

to improve our fortune and have better existence on this earth

Whether you are rich or poor, always remember that

No condition is permanent. Good luck and happy destiny  


© Julius Babarinsa